Congratulations to our first Graduate!


José Domingos Pinto





Pinto has come from humble beginnings, but has shown great resiliance! He is our very first to graduate in the scholarship program. As a reward, we are sending him to English school, I would love to build a team of English speakers to facilitate relationship with American donors and potentioal project building endoevers. 

4th Year Students


It is such an honor to know Patricia, she is an influential person to the core. She recognizes the privilege that she has to attend University and she is studying to be a teacher. She told me that when she get's home from school she has a group of friends and cousins that are not in school, so after school she sits down and teaches.

This model of learning then teaching must be working for her, because Patricia has the highest grades of any of our students.  


3rd Year Students

Pascoal de Jesus Cadivonga 

This guy goes by Levi. He is one of Pastor Cadivonga's 9 children, who didn't think they would have a means for higher education. Levi is our experimental student that we actually sent to Brazil.  He is studying to go into the oil industry,  which is a promising future living in Angola. His has begun his final year and is anxious to get back home.

Levi only needs $5,600.00 to graduate!

Maria Antónia José 

I first knew Maria's father. He is in our blind association. I found out about Maria when her dad asked us to pray that the Lord would open up a way for her to study. I am so honored to be putting her through college, she is studying Psychology. This woman is so reliable and dedicated to her family and her studies. I plan to be present at her graduation too!

Maria only needs $2,300.00 to graduate!

Teresa Da Silma Pedro

I was so happy to get to know Teresa. She is in Law school. She hopes to work in a private firm to support her mission to advocate for women with no means of hiring layers. 

She is the oldest child of 6. Her parents are hard working Angolans. Her mother works as a housekeeper in the city and her father is a elementary school teacher.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for Teresa. 


 2nd Year Students

Osvaldinho Cauaia

Osvaldinho has scored the highest grade in High School, we are very proud to be supporting him. He is the oldest son of 11 kids. His father has a field and grows pumpkins, corn and cassava.

He said that his father always taught him to work hard. 



 1st Year Students

Celestino Fernando Zeferino

When I lived in Angola, I new "Tino" to be a faithful leader in the church. Since I started the scholarship he has been knocking on my door!

He says that since he was child, he has wanted to study education and be a teacher. 





Lucia Nginga Kangolondo Cavaco

married and has a 1-year-old daughter, her husband works as a police officer, and both of her parents have died. She currently stays at home with her daughter. In high school she specialized in physical-biological sciences and took a basic nursing course. She has always dreamed of going on for higher education, but for lack of finances it is not possible to do so, She would like to study nutrition at the Institue of Superior Education in Benguela, whose course is budgeted at 3.750 USD for the first year of a four year degree.

Silveira Mitange

34 years, Married and unemployed, serving in Angola as an evangelist. (traveling around Angola to teach at the churches) He has always wished that he could go to college and pursure a higher education in psychology. He is asking for support to study Psychology in Angola. His school costs are also $3,750 USD for the first year of a four year education.



Judith Chicomba

II met Judith when she came for the interview, but it turns out that I've known her mother for a few years. Her mother works in the eye hospital as a nurse. 



Teresa Lussilene Gando

Teresa found a spot in the government school! Which is very hard to do, she only came to us asking that we could help with the extra costs of computer, books and other materials. 

Teresa is also faithful in church leadership, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for this gifted and pationate light to the world.




Hercílio Domingos Cadivonga

Hercilio, 30, is our one and only employee so far. He has completed a class in accounting, and is now our part-time employee. 

He has been my faithful and reliable employee for 5 years. He has agreed to go to English classes for the betterment of the future of So Richly Blessed and it's future partnerships with Americans.

Jovette Carlos Miguel Neto

Jovette is one of 7 children, his mother died and his father can no longer work and receives a small stipend from the government to support Jovette and the 3 remaining siblings that live at home.  Jovette finished high school with a focus on nursing, his dream is to continue his studies in higher education in either medicine or physical therapy. He hopes to help people.  But being unemployed,and unable to come up with the mean of paying he has written us pursuing assistance for education..

Eremita Madalena Amélio Epuca

Graduated from high school with a focus in teaching in 2014. Ermita's parents do not have the financial capacity to continue her training. Her greatest longing is to have a Masters degree in Christian Theology in Angola. Valued at $ 3,750 for the first year.   .

Manuel Armando Cadivonga

Manuel, 22, finished high school in 2012 in the course of legal economics. Manuel would like to continue his studies in architecture.

It is budgeted at $3,750 USD for the first year. He is also a son of Pastor Cadivonga.


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