Ministry History


John and Lori lived in Angola for 3 years with their children, from 2011 to 2014. John was the Medical Director  and only eye surgeon in an eye hospital called Boa Vista. 

We realized quickly that education was a major need for the advancement of the culture. We now live in Portland, Oregon. John is learning all he can at a local Hospital in the workings of a proper Residency program wondering if and how we can someday be involved in the development of eye care in Africa.

Until then, we are investing our time and money in Angolan college students. There are so many that want to study and should study, so we committed to do our best to raise funds and organize this scholarship fund. 


Ministry Focus


The focus of our ministry is to help young people go on to higher education. We are a young mission, we started in 2013. We now have 8 college students. Two of whom will begin their last year of school in 2018. We are focused on seeing our first students graduate before we add more students. 


Our Anoglan partner, Pastor Cadivonga has been working with the eye clinic, Boa Vista, as a board member, since the beginning.  He and his wife are true Christian people, living a sacrificial life, always taking in orphans into their homes and treating them like children, they currently have 19 people living in their home. I have great respect for Pastor Cadivonga and trust him to be my hands and feet in Angola. Our funds will also pay for his internet so he can continue to be available for communications. It is his responsibility each year to collect Scholarship applications and pictures of all student candidates. He then passes them along to me and I will post that list of students on our website. We rely completely on donations given through this ministry for our students tuition. 

Our Donors


So Richly Blessed receives nothing for this effort, and we have found a fiscal sponsor called the TIE Foundation that has also agreed to charge no percentage rates but only a small processing fee of $25.00 for processing our donations, which only happends 4 times a year. The TIE Foundation will receive all donations and distribute tax receipts to all donors. 

Also our leadership in Angola only receives the money for internet and no more. 

In 2014, we decided it is necessary to employ one part time Angolan to be my accountant on the Angolan side. For now, he earns $100 per month.

I would love to someday hire another Angolan staff as a student liaison. 



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