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Small Business Loans

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This little shop is owned by a blind man, named Mussili. It is the very brightest shop in his neighborhood. 

Every time I stop by to visit, the shop is stocked with goods and running beautifully.


This blind man already had a shop and had his freezer ruined by heavy rains that flooded his shop. He is asking for a new freezer and generator.  (Still waiting for his loan)

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Eliany has been making and designing clothes by hand for a few years and has asked for sewing classes and a sewing machine. For $250- she got a new sewing machine, sewing classes, and materials to get started. 

Her goal is to pay off the loan in one year. 

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Celia received a loan to sell used children's clothing


Madelena received a loan for her buying and selling fish business. Benguela, Angola is right on the coast. So Madelena will get up early to buy fish from the fisherman.

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Isabel is widow with 7 kids. She has received a loan to build a cookie business which her kids help with production as well as selling them on the streets.