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Belem Children's Home

Pinto Jose connecting with the kids.jpg
Pinto Jose contemplating.jpg

This Project is at the heart of So Richly Blessed. It started with Pinto Jose, pictures to the right and sitting on the floor in the left picture. I met Jose in our second year round of interviews. He had a vison. We wanted to study nursing and was already talking about the home for street kids that he wanted to open. He says that he was a street kid and has a passion for giving other kids access to a safe place to sleep and consistent education and healthcare. 

Now Jose has graduated! He was SRB's first to graduate, and he is working at a hospital as a nurse and on his days off, he teaches kids in his neighborhood. The fact that he has started loving children on the streets before he has a facility, or any financial support, is why I know, this will succeed. His heart is already committed to this cause. 

I'm so proud of Jose and would love to journey through this with him. If all of our efforts at So Richly Blessed was simply to put Jose through nursing school, then it was worth it all. 

We are looking for committed praying people to add Jose and Belem to your time in prayer. Jesus has showed up in Angola through this man and we want to join in that effort. 

Sign up for the blog and you will receive updates for this ministry. 

Also, please consider supporting Belem on a monthly basis, so that it can grow and get children off the streets and into a loving home.  

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