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So Richly Blessed is partnering with AASC (Angolan NGO)

I am a member of ,AASC, an Angolan Association dedicated to social change with the mission statement: Isaiah 1:17, "Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of widows."

I'm so inspired by my teams desires to see improvement in education. We have a long ways to go, this school that we will build will be ther first in its neighborhood, and the first Benguela school to dedicate to teach english. We are very excited about how many Angolan will be employeed in building the school and then also in running the school. Donate to this beatiful cause today.


Most of our blind association members that are widows have less than desirable living conditions. Like Elvira Rode, pictured above. She is a hard working widow, that roasts peanuts everday to sell in front of her house. Those who still live in adobe houses suffer during the rainy season. Their houses just are not waterproof, so those that can, are switching to cinder block houses. Rode dreams of rebuiling her home with cinderblocks, then building a small store in front of her house that her and her daughter can run together.

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Every week this dear group of 90 members come to receive bread and corn flour. The local chruch run eye hospital buys the corn flour, and we buy the bread. At this point every member receives 4 peices of bread a week. 

At the weekly get-together, they can also hear and talk about news, and sing and hear the bible read in their local language.


Business Loans

We are constantly approached for business loans. Unfortunatly we need money to make money. We have so many opportunities to give someone a chance at starting a business.



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