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He is So Good

I am astounded by our Creators goodness. I look at this pictures with me surrounded by students that would not be enrolled in college if I hadn't gone to Angola. If I hadn't decided to use the money I had to start investing in the future of young Angolans, instead of saving for my children's future education. Me! A very insecure woman, with no understanding of scholarship programs or organizing anything. I just tried something because it seemed like a good idea. And now there is a guy out there that has graduated from college!

It all simply brings me to tears. This is what happens when I give God a portion of me, what would happen if I had the courage to give him all of me? I just want to jump all in! I'm praying everyday that the Lord would show my the territory he has prepared for me. To show me and my husband in a unified way.

Lord, I just want to thank you for allowing me to be apart of something so beautiful. Thank you for trusting me. Please help me to continue to walk in faithfulness and faith. Your kingdom is becoming clearer to me, and I feel so humbled and privileged to get to be apart of it all. Thank you for using me. Please take more of me. Do whatever you want with my life. I am yours.

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