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The House of Bread

I just got these pictures in today. I'd like to share an outreach project that So Richly Blessed has taken on. Which means you!, faithful givers, are the source of this beauty.

When we lived in Angola in 2014, hunger was not a problem. But now, after a year and a half of COVID-19 shutting down the borders and shutting down trucks that bring in produce from the interior, on the back of an already declining economy the populations is suffering. My dear friend ,affectionately called Momma Ju, has been asking for help every chance she gets.

She tells me of the elderly and kids in the neighborhood that are hungry and how she (as the wife of the pastor) has been trying to feed the community when she can. She said that with $80 she can feed 400 people a meal. They were cooking only once a month and asking SRB if we could help out.

Our team loved the idea and have charged our scholarship recipients to volunteer at least once a month at the weekly food distribution.

The project has been named, "House of Bread" (Casa do Pao)

Join me in praying for this effort, with more donations we might be able to increase the effort to work more than once a week during the need for relief. And pray with us that God would bless the land of Angola, to be fruitful so that the hunger will not carry on. That innovation would be born and that the church would represent Christ well in loving it's community.

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Lilla Watson

This crisis will be added to our efforts, but our school building project remains on the forefront of our minds. We want to raise up a generation of children that can innovate and dream and make a difference in their own community. I love the quote from Lilla Watson, what a powerful idea. This is why I cannot forget about Angola, because as I enjoy the comforts of my home in America, the Holy Spirit nudges me to do something so that all can experience comfort and safety. How can we really enjoy our comforts and liberties when many in the world are still hungry?

Thank you for reading.

Remember and acknowledge how Richly Blessed you are,

Lori Clements

Founder and President

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