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It is Looking Great!

Our office space in Angola is coming along! Pictured on the left is what the office looked like only a month ago, now the middle picture is the progress we have, and of course the crew on the right. I'm blown away at how great it looks so far and their timeliness. This new office space will give our mission a location in the community of Benguela, Angola. Angolans will be able to come here to apply to our scholarship fund or our micro loan program. And during office hours our students will be able to come plug in their computers and utilize the wifi for school projects. Not to mention our first full time employee that will keep the office running.

You probably are not aware of the fact that my email list is only 21 people! 21 regular donors is all we have and we are doing so much! We have 9 scholarship recipients, 5 micro-loans and a full time employee! And Now, a dream to build a school with this very capable Angolan construction company. Let's keep them working!!!

I need your help to get the word out! Would any of you, my faithful champions, be willing to host a dinner party and share the So Richly Blessed Vision with your generous friends that want to be like you and join an incredible work?

All you would have to do, is set a date, invite as many friends as you can host comfortably and I will either come and give a small presentation, or you can use my recorded presentation and watch it over dessert.

I know that COVID might slow this idea down, but let me know if you are at all willing to join this effort and we can come up with a safe and appropriate solution.

Thank you all so much being my first regular givers. It is an honor to serve the Kingdom with you.

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