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We started Building!

My trip to Angola was busy and productive. I did not expect to be asked to lay the first brick, but here I am! I feel so honored that you all trust So Richly Blessed with your generous donations. I only wish you all could go with me and hear and see how grateful the community is for the school that is coming to their neighborhood.

I was so impressed by the construction leadership and crew. Work has been as a stand still since COVID and this project is bringing hope to a community and work to many Angolans.

We only had 6% of the cost of the school, but we decided to start building in faith! So now, we've officially claimed this land and space. Soon, there will be a K-12 school standing in this place.

Join me in giving financially to this project as you consider your year-end donations.


Lori Clements

founder and president

So Richly Blessed

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