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Newest Board Member

It is a pleasure to introduce our newest board member at So Richly Blessed, Mimie Joyce Kon Kapalange. Mimie is Angolan by birth and has lived in the U.S. since 2001. Mimie is a passionate Christ follower, wife, mother and an electrical engineer at Intel. She is a powerhouse and has agreed to sit on our board!

Mimie is eager to pour back into Angola and considers So Richly Blessed to be a good connection. She told me how passionate she was to see hospitals, schools and homes for children built in Angola and I knew that God put us together!

When she told me this, my heart leapt inside me, because I had only been talking about the scholarship program and building a school. Then she stated my vision out right! Schools yes! But also homes for children, which we are already in the works to start collaborating with one of our graduates, Pinto Jose, and his vision to open a home for street kids like he was. On top of all of this, John and my massive dream to start an Ophthalmology Residency Program sometimes makes me wonder how God could ever do more than anything I can ask or image, because he made me a water-walking dreamer.

We are happy to have Mimie on the team and eager to see how her particular gift, talents and passions will contribute to the growth of SRB.

Welcome Mimie Joyce Kon Kapalange!

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